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Bug Not


Bug Not

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Stock Colors are:  Green – Red – White – Gold – Black – Blue

And now a new sees through – Clear –

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Dia.  3 ½ in

Dia. of insert/drop (can usage) down  2 1/2 in

Thickness of ploy material is 1/8 in

Total depth  ½ in

Stays on when you're walking

Stays on in a breeze

One size is made to fit standard types of drink containers, this is done to keep the price down.

Should this not be a correct fit for you, the Chinese sell a flat piece of plastic that works like a piece of paper, at a much higher price. See them on Amazon.

The Bug Not is an extruded product, it is not machined so the size is not exact. 

The Bug Not will last for many years, it is machine washable, not to be used in Microwaves, in an oven, or over open flame.


This is made in the USA at “Old Dutchtown” Pittsburgh Pa


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Free shipping to buyers in the conational USA


World wide buyers, outside of the conational USA

 Please note we ship orders mostly by the United States Postal Service, this is the least costly for individual peoples orders.


The cost is based by weight and where you live. Example:                              most orders of 10 Bug Nots will include an international shipping charge of from $10.00 to $20.00 US dollars.


APO shippings are free. Thank you for your service.


This is the only way to purchase direct from us at the least cost. This is the best way and the least cost to receive your Bug Nots. A tracking number is also supplied by the USPS and will be emailed to you.

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   Free shipping in the conational USA        World wide shipping cost provided           by emailing us at          thebugnot@gmail.com 

We ship to over 180 countries

Plus to all APO addresses   

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Remarks by customers;


These are amazing


This is a gem


Made a great

sugar bowl lid 


They really work


I use also this as a pill holder to remind me to take my pills


I use it at the office and in my home wood shop


So simple  So Useful


Love ‘Em

                    My 2nd order


Best thing since slided bread


Leftovers in the can, I put one on and refrigerate


Can’t beat the price


Works on every glass/mug I have


They’re pretty clever and they fit nicely over my wine glasses, too!

Use  Bug Not’s  to comply with OSHA
requirements to cover drink containers in the health care industry where public and health workers meet 

                                                    At a desk or work bench         the Bug Not has your               drink covered                       

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