Drink protector lid


Flu germ blocker – Office drink protector – Bug/Fly guard

Open veggie can lid - Sugar Bowl Lid - Pill holder

Tea cup Lid/Caddy – Dust/Dirt stopper

Wine glass lid – Bee/Wasp guard

Pool/Beach side drink lid


Reduce the chance of getting;  Colds,  Flu  &  Influenza

At the beach ? Use Bug Nots to help sand gnat, sandflea, no-see-um from finding you and your drink.

Backyard enjoyment ?  Bees, Flies and bugs are drawn to you by your drink, put your container off limits with a Bug Not

What a great world we live in, we have ˃˃˃


GPS, self driving vehicles, cell phones, powerful computers, drones that deliver, plus to many others to list, BUT


We still have the age old problem of having dirt, germs and bugs in our drinking containers, stop the madness, use Bug Nots and up date your life to the present time. Buy them today.

                       The Bug Not is one piece, no moving parts                      nothing to spin or turn, will not wear out


"What goes around comes around" !


The drink container lid was originally conceived entirely as a sanitary measure. During the summers of the late 1400’s, hordes of little flies frequently invaded Central Europe. By the early 1500’s, several principalities in what is now Germany passed laws requiring that all beverage containers be covered (water wine beer) to protect consumers against insects spreading germs and keep down illness.


With more people in the world today it seems like this may be a good thing to do  Using Bug Not’s will help keep your drink containers free from stuff, or do you feel lucky ?

The Bug Not was created after years of me seeing, hearing and reading stories of all sorts of things getting into people drink containers.


The worst thing is someone sneezing or coughing over or near anything you’re drinking, yuck.


Another yuck, no matter where you are some type of let’s call them bugs, end up in and on your drink. Ever run from a wasp or bee when you’re outside and it is circling your dink? Have you ever taken a sip then seen something floating in that drink? Not to mention dirt.


The worst ever is a wasp or bee ending up in your month after you take a sip from a can or glass, this is a double yuck, not only do you end up with bug germs, they also bit you inside your month or your lip.


So after throwing away many gallons of my favorite drinks over the years, or bearing up to just plunking the bug out of a full glass and then drinking it, who knows were that fly was before, yea I know, yuck. So I came up with a solution, just keep the drink covered.


My idea was to have a one piece reusable, long lasting thing like a stein lid that would work on any standard size drink containers including cans. So the Bug Not was imagined, the first ones were made out of scrap wood from my basement, then came the gluing of two different sizes of plastic rods, the end result is a one piece solid color, reusable, portable, low cost, long lasting, machine washable, recyclable, simple thing I call Bug Not.


It’s made in Pittsburgh Pa USA and to date we do all of the work needed for you to receive this one of a kind drink protector at a low price. There is no other firm that adds to the cost making the price higher. No middle man, no fancy packaging, just a great little one of a kind lid that can be used on many different containers.


This is truly a one of a kind, nothing ells can do what the Bug Not does and it received a US patent.


Use them at home, work or play, inside or outside every day of the year, they’ll even help keep your drinks warm or cool. Camping, pool side, RVing, at the beach, or a picnic, you need Bug Not’s.

Dirt, dust, COUGHS, GERMS


end up on your drinks then you drink them.



Bees, Fly’s, Bugs, and Wasps also want into your drink.




Use at work, home, and at play, the entire year round

solid colored,  machine washable, long lasting

stays on in a breeze and while you are walking

keeps drinks warm or cool



Made in USA at Pittsburgh PA



The Bug Not tops every listing      on Amazon by more usages  costing less and made in USA


Made in the



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We ship to over 180 countries

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Remarks by customers;


These are amazing


This is a gem


Made a great

sugar bowl lid 


They really work


I use also this as a pill holder to remind me to take my pills


I use it at the office and in my home wood shop


So simple  So Useful


Love ‘Em

                    My 2nd order


Best thing since slided bread


Leftovers in the can, I put one on and refrigerate


Can’t beat the price


Works on every glass/mug I have


They’re pretty clever and they fit nicely over my wine glasses, too!

Use  Bug Not’s  to comply with OSHA
requirements to cover drink containers in the health care industry where public and health workers meet 

                                                    At a desk or work bench         the Bug Not has your               drink covered                       

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Patented No. 8.327.608

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