Reusable drink protector use as a:

Flu Germ stopper, Wine Glass Lid, Soda can cover-lid,  

Tea cup Lid & Caddy, Bee-Wasp guard, Pill Holder

Sneeze & Cough guard, Dirt-Dust protector

Coffee Mug Lid, Fruit Fly guard

Work bench drink saver

Beach side sand guard

Beer can cover-cap

Veggie Can Lid

Sugar Bowl Lid 

Jar Lid

            Multi useful, portable, reusable            drink protector


“The one and only in the world”


 Great for

Employee thank you - grab bag – appreciation gifts

  souvenirs - memorabilia - remembrance – mementos 


Least cost FIVE (5) for only $10.70

Keeps drinks warm or cool

Inside or outdoors

You are buying direct from the manufacture

A Veteran owned business


      LEAST  COST ---- MOST USABLE                   

            Great at work,  back porch,  cookouts,  picnics,

                           outdoor dinning,  pool side,  beaches.

        The only drink protector that works this way 

            made in the USA - and the lowest cost    

                     Personalize Bug Not’s by writing on a name.                         Put on a sticker, stencil or label.

Use a label to do a quick change of picture, name, or event.

Recommended size label is a round 2 in. type.


See some custom printing label ideas at



  Made in the USA

by a veteran owned business

                     You get more covers for less cost from Bug Not

Drink containers,   with straws,    slurply lids,   and any uncovered  drink will end up having dirt

      and germs on and in them.  


                          About 200 viruses cause colds.


                              DO YOU FEEL LUCKY    ???


  Lets not repeat the winter of 2017-18 for a bad flu year!!!




Work  Home  Play  Summer   Winter

Indoors   Outdoors   Everywhere

Everyone needs a  Bug Not  everyday

                    To keep their drinks in a safe way


The Bug Not tops every listing      on Amazon by more usages  costing less and made in USA


Made in the




   Free shipping in the conational USA        World wide shipping cost provided           by emailing us at 

We ship to over 180 countries

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Remarks by customers;


These are amazing


This is a gem


Made a great

sugar bowl lid 


They really work


I use also this as a pill holder to remind me to take my pills


I use it at the office and in my home wood shop


So simple  So Useful


Love ‘Em

                    My 2nd order


Best thing since slided bread


Leftovers in the can, I put one on and refrigerate


Can’t beat the price


Works on every glass/mug I have


They’re pretty clever and they fit nicely over my wine glasses, too!

Use  Bug Not’s  to comply with OSHA
requirements to cover drink containers in the health care industry where public and health workers meet 

                                                    At a desk or work bench         the Bug Not has your               drink covered                       

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